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Guess what… life isn’t fair – and it there’s no “Disney” ending for any of us.  Every Disney movie ends without showing the reality of what happens AFTER having that great happy ending.  Happy, winning, magical moments happen – which is what we work so hard for…  but all the millionaires I know don’t stop creating and moving forward.  Your journey isn’t over when you get what you want. 

Those who are still reading this are the kind of action oriented personalities that know there’s more good they can do, more they can be inspired by, more they can grow and learn, more joy to find in life and share with others.  For those of us still here working to inspire and be inspired to be better – I’m sharing this blog and video.

Where do you think you could make some changes to shake things up?  Think it through… what could the benefits be?  What are the liabilities or challenges that you may endure? What do you have control over?  What don’t you have control over?  Either way, embrace it and grow from it.  You’ll be better for it, and the people who really care about you will support you through it.

Remember to make room to feel settled, and restore

Of course, we can’t live in constant chaos or complexity.  Pay attention to what’s working for you, what’s not.  What feels good?  What doesn’t?  Shake things up for sure and see what happens!  But also allow calm times to be calm.  We need some “quiet” stretches in life to recharge, restore, and look back and learn from the changes we’ve experienced before we take on the next growth stage.

First and foremost, responsibly be good to yourself!